This is a story about two people and how they started a comic.

Jonathan is on the far right.

Jonathan was born in Hawaii and moved around a bit with his family before they settled in Satellite Beach, Florida.  He grew up like any normal boy; loving Batman, sports, and video games. In high school Jonathan was on the track team and I guess you could say he was pretty good... I guess. He graduated in 2005 and went on to the University of Central Florida. While there, an injury caused him to take up biking and swimming which turned into a love for triathlons. He graduated from UCF in 2010 and took a short break before heading to Antigua to attend Medical School.(To more read about his adventures in Antigua and about triathlons go to his blog! triathlonmd.comMedical School brought all kinds of awesome and amazing ideas into his head and the urge to create comics was born... but he needed an artist... 

That's where Hali comes in.  

Hali was born in Arizona, and also ended up moving around a bit as a child before ending up in Salt Lake City, Utah. While Jonathan was a normal boy, Hali was not a normal girl.  Yeah, she liked Barbies and Polly Pockets, but she also liked cars and video games (but she never told anyone). In high school Hali wasn't much into sports, but she loved art.  Her senior year of school she had two art classes and was a TA for one of the art teachers at her school.  She graduated in 2005 and went on to attend the University of Utah. Hali graduates from the U of U in 2011, and while she dabbled in the Art majors on and off, it just wasn't for her. Just because she isn't getting a BFA, doesn't mean she doesn't LOVE to draw... but she was running low on ideas...

Jonathan and Hali met in 2010 and they shared a mutual love for South Park, Golden Retrievers (especially ones named Gus and Libby) and all things Sci Fi. They soon discovered that they were two peas, or as Forrest Gump would say "Jonathan and Hali, they was like peas and carrots".  

Jonathan mentioned that he wanted to start comics about his time in Antigua (and maybe even beyond to his rotation, and resident years).  

Hali, armed with her brand new tablet, offered to draw them.  

So here, in all of their glory, are the comics they create.